Russian and Iraqi Collusion

Abc News Coverage
Saddam’s Official Docs Foreign Military Studies Office
Cited Document 1117
Cited Document 1950
Fox News Coverage

ABC broke this story and then Fox’s morning show picked it up. That’s where I first heard about it. The ABC story details information from Saddam’s Meeting Minutes. The minutes are posted at the Foreign Military Studies Office. ABC culled information from the documents that imply several things. One is that Saddam was interested in contacting terrorists involved in attacks on the US. Another is that Russia supplied Iraq with the US order of battler before the invasion. ABC hedged their bets, saying that some information was hearsay, other information was supposition. Both cited documents are handwritten accounts, in Arabic. I went over to the official site. It’s great; they have all of Saddam’s secret meeting minutes posted as PDFs. Some are even translated to English.
You know, “Exalted leader picks his nose, groveling general cleans it with a silk hanky” I can’t read 30-40 pages of that just to find out if they finished the donuts before the meeting ended. Luckily, most of the minutes are in Arabic, so I don’t feel obliged to read each one. What I got from skimming the documents was the sense that Saddam was concerned about Iraq’s image abroad. He was keenly interested in military preparedness reports. Seems like run of the mill dictator stuff to me.
Unless I missed a highlighted section, I’m going to go along with ABC on this one. Saddam wasn’t ordering flowers in those meetings, but there seems to be only general interest in befriending Osama Bin Laden. Mostly because they both hate us. Call it a coalition of the willing. I’m sure Fox will make plenty of hay out of this. There are plenty of juicy tidbits in those documents.
Oh, yeah… Russia got caught handing top secret info to Iraq before the US invaded. Seems to me like that’s a big deal, too. I mean, Bush looked into Putin’s soul and called him a good man, right? I’d be pretty hot if I was Bush. His new buddy stabbed him in the back. Putin put our soldiers at risk, for what? Just to piss us off? He can do that just by making a speech.

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