Weapons of Mass Destruction

Come and listen ‘bout a man named Sad
Had some weapons that would really make ‘ya mad
Then one day, he was shootin’ up some Kurds…
And up ‘outta the ground comes a Dubya dude
George, that is, Texas D.
Next thing ‘ya know, old Sad’s a runnin’ scared
Kin folk said, Sad, get away from there!
Demascus is the place ‘ya outta be
So he packed up the nukes, and he moved to Syria
Hills, that is… no inspectors, radicals

Well, Saddam’s no moron, right? So what’s he going to do when he knows the US is about to bring the big stick? He hustles all his weapons to Syria before the yanks get their hands on them. Sounds plausible, I suppose. We all know Saddam was cuckoo for nukose. He used chemical weapons on the Kurds and the Iranians. You can’t just flush that stuff down the toilet as the marines are busting down the door. It had to go somewhere. One guy says Syria. Other people think Jordan.

What if Saddam presented his stash to one of his neighbors? Even with full inspections, I think Saddam had some kind of program in the ‘90s. There has to be some fragment of it left behind. Saddam funneled those weapons to… who?. My worst fear is that something winds up here in the US.

The fact that we haven’t found any evidence of weapons just means they’re somewhere else. Regardless of where the weapons are, they need to be found.

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