Something Fishy

I said in this post that I’ve been watching Fox News, trying to find out what the social Get Out The Vote campaigns will be this fall.

I saw something interesting yesterday about the economy in Europe. Neil Cavuto is touting our economy here in the US. He uses the protests in France as an example of how bad the economy in Europe is. The byline on the screen is “Europe’s Economy a mess: US economy Booming!” I don’t dispute that Europe’s economy has problems… I’m not so sure about the economy over here.

My economy hasn’t been Booming! since the late ‘90s. I just got my social Security statement. It’s true. I can see it right on the page. It takes a little math. A couple cost of living increases… add in a dash of inflation… WHAT!? I’m making less. This stinks. I’ve worked at the same civil service job for the past 9 years. The salary increases are linear, 3-4% each year. More than “inflation”. I haven’t even added in the “factors outside the core rate of inflation”. Like GAS?! How can something that I buy as often as food not get counted as part of inflation? Oh, food isn’t covered in the “core” rate of inflation, either. Add those in, well… I prefer not to, thank you.

Anyway, Looks like Fox is starting a new campaign, right before my eyes. “US economy booming!” I don’t think this one will get as much traction as they think. Even if they compare us to Europe. Saying that we’re better off only works if we are doing well. Watching that while eating a can of tuna doesn’t make me feel good. It just makes me feel sorry for the guy eating a can of cat food.

Looks like the unwritten byline for this campaign will be.
See how bad things could be if you elect Liberals?
I was eating better under the liberals

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