Signs of the Times

I’ve been writing about politics, not photography, lately. So, I decided to combine my recent musings with my hobby, and get some political pictures.
Actually, I just wanted to walk the dog and get some pictures of the firetrucks. My local Firehouses aren’t open to the public on Sunday afternoons, so I just wondered around each building looking for something cool. These two pictures were literally taken from the same spot. Turn one way Political commentary, turn the other way, social satire. Too bad I parked on that spot, so I had to move the car before I could shoot any pictures 😉 Frankly, I’m a little surprised it started… wouldn’t that point be the tip of some vortex leading to Ted Kennedy’s bathroom?

One Response to “Signs of the Times”

  1. Scottage Says:

    I like the fact that the flag is in tatters alon the bottom. That’s more social commentary than the dumpster.

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