ACL Who?

This Post discusses another article… give me a break, I’m no journalist.

They’re talking about Republican strategies for the 2006 mid-term elections. So far, looks like it will be the same old red meat stuff. Gay marriage, Cloning, stuff like that. I’m not so sure, though. I’ve been watching Fox News for the past 6 months trying to figure out what it will be. We both know that any social get-out-the-vote campaign will start there.
I’ve caught one or two things, so far.

Judicial Activism will be a big buzz-word this year. Fox is censuring one judge every 6-8 weeks. The colonials called it a Tar and Feather. Today, we’re not nearly as messy. 6-8 weeks seems like a perfect time span to keep viewers interested, but not overwhelmed. By giving the viewers a 4-5 week interlude between “outrage sessions”, they associate the two stories together without any overlap. I’m not sure what form this one will come in. Something about minimum sentencing guidelines, I’d guess. The ACLU may be involved, too. It’s hard to tell if that’s something organized, or just a pet thing for O’reilly.

It’s hard to evaluate strategies played out on this grand a scale. After all, we just have an ant’s eye view of it all. I could be wrong, but I don’t see the Republicans running on the record this fall.

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