Originally uploaded by npanth.

This is the first picture I took with my D70. It’s actually the 13th picture, but it’s the first image that really showed me why I’d just plopped down a grand on this infernal machine with it’s thousand buttons and menues.
AutoISO. When the shutter speed drops below a threshold you set, 1/80 here, the camera automatically raises the “ISO” of the digital film until the shutter speed is fast enough. I took this photo at 1600 ISO, leaning on a bar.
This shot is impossible on my 6006. I never carried any film higher than 400 with me. I was a real Grain Geek. Digital has completely freed me to try shots that I never would have with film. This was a great moment with a great band. The grain geek mentality was shattered like the glass house it was.

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