General Casey, Meet the Press

General Casey is giving an interview on Meet the Press. I feel a little sorry for him. He’s being asked some pointed questions. Tim Russert even pulled out a video from last year, where Casey was saying that we would have far fewer troops in Iraq a year from now. Ouch. I know he’s not a politician, or even a public spokesperson, he’s a 4 star general. I don’t think the administration should have stuck him out there to cook on national TV, but the interview did pose some interesting questions for me.
Casey kept insinuating that the end is near. He was very circumspect about making big predictions. I don’t blame him after seeing last year’s interview. He’s thinking that he may be answering the exact same questions in 12 months. Nuance is not this guy’s forte. Casey said that the insurgency wasn’t “in it’s last throes”, but the nature of the insurgency has changed. The insurgents are now willing to talk. The obvious question followed. Who have you been talking to? Casey sputtered out something about them leaving notes for American troops… and blinked so rapidly, I thought it was the “CINC under fire, need pickup!” signal.
It’s coming apart in other ways, too. At a press conference, Bush told the reporters that the insurgents were getting direct aid from Iran. The press asked the assembled generals what proof they had of this Iranian involvement. With Rummy looking over their shoulders, they curtly said that there was no such evidence.
It happens to people like you and me, too. I’ve tried to keep stories afloat under scrutiny… it didn’t always work for the parents, girlfriend, boss. No reason to think it would work with one or two?! nosey reporters crawling around.
Without wishing the administration any real harm, I am glad to see them in this vulnerable position. I think it is past time for the liberal part of our society to have more of a say in the way we’re governed. November ’06 seems very far away, but I do think that the Democrats will gain seats, perhaps even win one of the houses. It may be cautious optimism, but it’s better than I’ve had in a while.

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