I’m giving in to the political bug (
Fascism, Communism, Capitalism. Each of these evokes a unique image. For me Fascism evokes images of Hitler, Pol Pot…
Communism evokes Stalin, Lenin, Gorby? Sure, why not.
Capitalism? Hearst, Gates.
Fascism and Communism have a really bad name in this country, and rightly so. I don’t think anyone (who reads) would argue that some forms of government just don’t work. National Socialism, Stalinism, and Mass relocation are deadly, inhuman ways to govern.
As a mediocre Capitalist, I can say this about Capitalism. Our system makes us scratch and compete with each other to climb and stay as high on the economic pile as we can. It’s Darwinian, depending on how willing you are to look at it like that. We compete and measure ourselves against each other, deriving ego from a higher salary, or a newer Ipod.
I think the greatest sin of Capitalism is the disregard for the fallen. We’re more concerned with people higher up on the pile, because we’re afraid to look down. That guy who loses his job just slides down the pile, out of sight. By the time people get to the bottom of the pile, very few people care about them. It doesn’t have to be like that.
As individuals, we’ll usually reach out to help someone in need. I stop to help change tires, volunteer at the animal shelter. Governments are made of individuals, but that type of individual caring gets suppressed in the name of Capitalism. Helping out your neighbor just slows down your climb to the top of the pile. I’m all for money, I value it as much as you do, but isn’t there room in our society for some individual-style compassion? I’m not asking the government to change my tire, just make sure the spare isn’t flat.

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