Peace as Irony

ach, I keep posting political things on this blog.
Oh, well.This is more of an Irony, anyway.
The administration updated the National Security Report this morning. It’s a document I’d never considered important until Pre-emption. After all, before, our policy was to retaliate against attackers. I think it’s an integral part of democracies. We need to be attacked first before we’re angry enough to wage war.
I can only speak for myself, but 9/11 gave me enough anger to burn the whole world, but it burned fast, and was doused in an ignominious way. Afghanistan had, and has, my complete support.
Then a barrage of administration officials started talking about Iraq. That just seemed to come out of nowhere. Within 3 months, Iraq went from a contained andimpotent enemy to a nuclear power. Rumsfeld and Cheney both said that Iraq was just a few months away from firing missiles at Europe.
After three years of Iraq, I don’t have much of a stomach for the Pre-emption policy. Today, we’ve solidified our offensive footing. Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia are all on notice.
Why can’t Luxemburg invade France? …Something easy for once.
Anyway, Here’s the irony. The Security Report was delivered at the United States Institute of Peace. I know there isn’t a United States Institute of war, but couldn’t they a have found a more appropriate place to “Speak Loudly” from? I’m sure he could have gotten the room at the Heritage Foundation, even on short notice.

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3 Responses to “Peace as Irony”

  1. Scottage Says:

    LOL, very funny. But there was a bigger irony in the report. In the report, Russia is cited as dangerous because of its inability to adhere to the principles of democracy. This is a document coming out of the Bush administration! Now THAT is irony.

  2. Cash Says:


    nice blog.. i ll come back again :] greets

  3. Philip Green Says:

    Well I am not sure I totally understand the reasoning but I like the post a lot! Be sure to enable it thogu. it will work better for you…

    Happy new year!

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