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Here is Ichabod, now (and then) known as Craig O’brien. We went to this Star Trek Convention back in college. Myrina Syrtis was speaking (never realized that she was that short!) Here we are waiting to get into the auditorium. I was looking for a spot to catch some nicotine, when I looked back and saw this vista. There was Ich in a sea of “normal” start trek fans. Ha! an iconic image of who Craig was (is? Haven’t talked with him in quite a while) He was a really interesting guy, nationally ranked in chess, studying cognitive science, and a deacon in the church of the Sub-Genious. [pause in memory of Bob Dobbs]. Oh, yeah, he was trying to take over the world… not sure how that’s working out 🙂 This is a pic that’s only good if you know the subject or some of the symbology. Ich’s bald because he got side-swiped by cancer. (he had “juevos Plasticos”) 108 somehow linked him to a very tongue-in-cheek world domination league.He scared folks a little, and liked it that way. For a person with such a retiring personality to revel in a stranger’s blush suited me ok. He was a good friend. I’m going to go see if I can look him up…

2 Responses to “Ichabod”

  1. ichabod Says:

    Hey Teeny,

    Thanks for the kind words. I must make a minor correction: I was a nationally rated chess player, not a nationally ranked chess player. The former is a lot easier. Back then you just had to play 20 games. Getting ranked is beyond my abilities, then or now. But I appreciate the confidence in my abilities.

  2. Zack Says:

    This is a superior photo.


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