Here’s some more brain pain

I’ve been posting a lot of pictures lately. I guess I’m either running out of quality pics, or I just feel like catching up on those thousand words each picture should have.
So, a bit on Correlation.

Northern Hemisphere toilets and hurricanes both spin in the same direction because of the correalis effect. It’s a myth, but it’s such a compelling coincidence, that it draws the eye to watch it, and the mind to explain it. The truth may not be what you want or expect, but it’s true, they’re not related in the way you think. Jung called it Synchronicity. (toilet water spins simply due to the design of the bowl. The correalis effect can only influence big things like hurricanes.) There’s a correlation between the two things, but they’re not caused by the same thing, it just looks that way.

The thing that got me thinking about synchronicity was some conjecture that I heard about how galaxies were formed after the big bang. The best explanation we have so far is that matter, in all its forms, likes to clump together and spin. Sounds simple. Do enough simple things, and you wind up with something complex. Jung called that Gestalt. As little bits of big bang debris combined with other little bits, eventually something like a galaxy emerged. Hurricanes form the same kinds of spirals as galaxies… and flushing toilets. What bowl does the energy of a hurricane or a galaxy spin in?

Well, there are some theories about galaxies. Dark matter and energy are making very good cases for their existence. Some observations we make of the universe don’t make sense unless there is more matter and energy out there than we can see. So we call what we can’t see “dark” matter and energy. Chances are, these forces will wind up being a cosmic version of the correalis effect. Perhaps, a thousand years from now, people will think their waste removal vessels spin that way because of the cosmi-oralis effect?

Not sure what to do with this paragraph, but I like the way it sounds…
The uncountable forces pushing and pulling on uncountable simple objects in a galaxy create this motion through angular momentum and gravity. A comet goes by a planet, and it’s path is changed. A million comets go by a million planets, and a spiral starts to emerge as the larger pattern. This correlates with fractal equations. The smallest form of the equation creates the large form.

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