Digital Killed the Celluloid Hero

This is my last film picture. I was on a cruise in St. Martin. I took a cable car to the top of a mountain. I’m a sucker for a good landscape. When I got there, every angle had been covered by the postcards in the long row of little shops. So, I turned around and saw this little fellow bouncing around. This is the approach shot. I usually start with a shot that doesn’t have the subject in a prominent place. Then, I zoom in and start to focus on the subject. I got the approach, he flew to another flower, looked right at me… I hit the shutter, and Ker-chunk… end of roll! I got in a fast reload. I remember thinking “this is as fast as I can change a roll” I didn’t miss the pickup, I was framed up on the flower just as the first negative racheted into place. No bird!. look over the camera, scan around. NO BIRD! It was gone.
This little guy would probably have been a 10-12 shot series, and I think I’d have gotten at least one good shot. I wandered around the mountain top taking tourist photos, then went back down to the harbor marketplace and bought my D70… been digital ever since 😉

One Response to “Digital Killed the Celluloid Hero”

  1. Zack Says:

    This is the funniest blog title I’ve seen in a long while.

    The death of film has been quite an experience for me, as well.


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