Political Thought

I intended for this blog to be about innocuous and esoteric things, but I will try my hand at political thought, at least for this afternoon. I find this month to be a unique turning point for the Democrats, and Republicans.

Tough times for the Republicans.
– Tom Delay is in the Supreme Court (rubbing, ah.. shoulders with Anna Nicole)
– Abermoff is about to “cooperate”.
– Katrina is back in the Headlines.
– The Dubai Worlds Ports deal won’t simmer for 45 days like they hoped.

Luckily, the Democrats aren’t giving then any trouble.

Tough times for the democrats.
– The senate voted 94-6 in favor of the patriot bill renewal. When you can lock the whole opposition in a bathroom, they’re not giving you any problems.
– The Republicans have already raised 3 times as much money as the Democrats for the mid-terms.

So, here we are, 7 months before the mid-term elections. I’ve only voted in one mid-term, ’94. I was voting against the contract with America. I think it’s symmetric that I’ll be voting in this mid-term. ’94 was when the conservative movement really gained the foothold that has led to their complete domination of our government (just look in the Senate men’s room to see what I mean)

I’m not predicting a Democratic sweep. The past decade has taught me not to discount the conservatives in this country.
I suppose I’m saying this: I think it’s time for the liberal part of our society to have more power in our government. Not because they’re any better, but because the knuckleheads in there now can’t seem to zip their flies without HEY HEY

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